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28 July 1990
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My name is abby and there is a lot about me. I've had this myspace way to long to put a real heart-warming 'about me', but I will do my best to oblige nonetheless. Most of this is bits and pieces of other about me's all compiled into a super about me of mass destruction and blah blah blah that no one will ever read. I'll greet you by saying "howdy" or "aye". I never say "what's up" I hate that phrase so much it doesn't even make any sense. I really liek words. like how they sound. And if you pay attention to them, they actaully sound like what they mean. The word "look" is possibly the most important word in the english language. Possibly the most abused, misused, underestimated. So many of us just do what our bodies tell us to, and many grow up just fine doing only that. On the other hand, there are some who look. Not at the sky, or the brilliant colors that paint it, but they see what has been embedded in themselves since the day they were born. They see unmeasured potential. You'll see it, too. Look, and you'll gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of of your potential to make hatred, fear, pain, war, and hopelessness obsolete. Indeed, if you look close enough you will also discover that the emotional impotence, apathy, and lack of understanding and resistance to change we see in others is really our own. We create our own private trap and are blind to the fact that it is of our own making. I contradict almost everything i do or say. I do a lot of things that get on my nerves if other people do it. Like when people wear clothes that are too small for them or call themselves fat and them eat a hippo or something. OR untrue compliments. So don't feel the need to point it out if you happen to notice I'm doing something I said I would never do a few mintues prior. I love french rap even though i don't know what they're saying. I also like japanese rap. Actually, any kind of rap that is fast paced and in a foreign language I find it really intriguing. I also love music that leak authenticy STAPLES like lit or rancid even though it doesn't make any sense why anyone would like both of those bands at the same time. I guess i'm pretty diverse, and like I already said, i contradict myslef a lot. Sometimes when I talk i feel like no one has any idea what I'm saying. I get AP and ELLE every month in the mail, and if those two magazines have taught me anything, they've taught me that I'm probably the only person in the universe who subscribe to both. I like to learn about the philosophy of different styles. I can spell hors d'oeuvre. There isn't really anyone I can 100% call a real friend. Everyone I've ever been close to has hurt me in one way or another. I still have people I love more than ANYTHING, but I really don't think I'll ever meet anyone who I can trust completely. People are generic until they are given a reason to be otherwise. I think that like, when people are born, they are all the same. Like your soul and everything about you is shaped by like, what you're born into and the experiences and things you're exposed to. I think that's why people that have been through similar ache seem to gravitate towards each other. Anyway, for the people I do care about, and partially trust, They know who they are, and sometimes I feel like I could never be as close to anyone else as close I am to them. Sometimes I feel like part of my brain is implanted them. They completely define me and help in ways I could never imagine anyone else could see. We have amazing times that I would never give up for any sum of anything. Sunset confessions, stealing free c.d.s, playing tag in Dillard's and summer 3 a.m. smores. "The truest form of a friend shares in your joys as well as your sorrows." Aristotle said that. I've read all of his works, he's quite the respectable man, unlocking the secrets to God's own mind. That's something I wish I could do. I like to read books written in like, the whole Greek era. I'm taking latin next year so then I can read them untranslated and get a better meaning of what they're really trying to say. I H8 novels! I really hate complicated plot-lines in movies and books. Like star wars, or Lord of the Rings. I really can't get into anything like that. I'd much rather read a collection of essays or philosophy. One day, I wanna write my own philosophy and get it published after I die. I ave alot of medical issues. I have exema on my neck, arms, and calves. I have had asthma since like, forever. I get sick alot, and contrary to popular belief, it is NOT because I eat food off the ground. It is because my immune system is pretty weak. I'm allergic to picked foods and shellfish, but I disregard my doctors' warnings and indulge every now and then. They cause a big blotchy scaly rash on my face. I'm pretty sure i have at least a mild case of insomnia. I sleep every other night, and even when I'm really tired, I find it hard to stop whatever meaningless thing I'm doing and go to bed. I keep myself busy with a lot of meaningless things like writing an unessicairly long about me. I also have catatonic schizophrenia, which, in case anyone doesn't know is (straight from medical dictionary) : a form of schizophrenia characterized by psychomotor disturbance, which may be manifested by a marked decrease in reactivity to the environment and in spontaneous activity, by excited, uncontrollable, and apparently purposeless motor activity, by resistance to instructions or attempts to be moved, or by maintenance of a rigid posture or of fixed bizarre postures. That's all I'm really going to say about that. My best friend and I believe that mint is definitely favorite, esspecially when they go like this: UGH?! I'm a mormon, That means I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That mean I have high standards, in every aspect of life practically. Standards that won't be lowered for a pretty face or a good time. Well, at least I try my very best. I've been told i have self-discipline, but I know that my way of life isn't as it should be. I'm really not that much into school anymore. All of my real friends graduated, so this I guess I can focus more on "applying myself" and all those other things you do whn you don't have any friends. Basically, i'm a loser at my school. But, it doesn't matter to me because everone at my school is incredibly immature. I don't get along with anyone unless I put on a face and completely lower my anoetic state of mind to one that is compatible with my fellow eighth graders'. I used to study graphology ALOT, like, I got really obsessed for a day and a half, so write me note :D I can assess you. I'm in concert band at my school. I used to play auxiliary percussion, like chimes and cowbells, but I started playing oboe after the first term, and I'm pretty good. Next year, I'm going to Paxon in the international baclaretvvjkldnbBLAH program that I can't even attempt to spell. It was really a work of god that I even got into the program, My grades aren't magnificent. They ussually consist of four a's and 2 f's. I ussually put all my effort into the classes i like, and do NOTHING for the classes I don't. I live with my cell phone and someform of music device in reach AT ALL TIMES. I need them more than food. Or sleep, or uhh, air. YES, air. I used to have a product red 8gb ipod, but it dissappeared into a blakc hole sometime around halloween, so now i use cd's and mixes or this stupid 1gb mp3 player that I've had since 5ht grade. NOT COOL. I have a sidekick id, and it's the gayest phone ever! Everyone's all like, "omg yr phone is lyk, ttly so kwl!" but it's NOT. I miss my rzr daily! Alot of people would say I have multiple lives depending on who I'm around, and I keep them separate form one another.I Hate when the columns on a myspace or uneven. Or when people have those really dumb layouts that are all stretched out because they put pictures that are too big and don't know how to VIEW THIR PROFILE and see that it looks stupid. Lately, thanks to Kyle's DS, I've been a consistent pokemon player. I'm not a super-gmaer but there are alot of games that I frequently fancy on my dinky ole used ps2. I can play heavy on DDR SUCCESSFULLY. I'm not really good at guitar hero, I can't play anything above "easy" because of my disfunctional pinky and it's reluctance to hit the blue "freT". I ? s03! I probably go to the mall about 6 times a month. Eventually, it'll get boring, but for now the orange park mall is the outing of choice. I scarcely actually buy things there. I like to get clothes and things like that from a private label or the internet because I hate when someone's wearing the shirt I wore three days ago. I am skilled in the art of 'hitching', I can get a ride to anywhere in Jacksonville in like, twenty-five minutes. I like looking at weird paintings that make no sense. I think they are neat. Like the paintings that are considered "modern" or "abstract" but really look like a 2 year old was unattended with watercolors. It really irritates me when people have alliterations in their myspace names, or post whore codes every twenty minutes. Usually unless I have some kind of attachment to you, I'll delete those types of myspaces the moment I notice them. I hate shallow people, and people with one track minds that only realize face value of things that I say. I like finding out how everyones thoughts were different that lead us up to now and how we all are. I'm not too fond of animals, as far as pets go. I used to have a gray parakeet named Merlin, he died because I was afraid to feed it. Around thanksgiving of 2007, my neghbor was moving out and he gave us their bunny. It's brown and has short ears so it's really not that cute. It smells kind of bad. Kids always want to make impacts and be remembered. I say, you don't need to do big things to be remembered, you can make in impact by doing insignificant things. Like just the other day, I was in the park, and there was this little girl with blonde hair eating a mint ice cream cone. As I looked at her form a distance, I thought to myself "she must remember me". So I walked up and shoved the ice cream in her face and shouted "YOU WILL REMEMBER MEE". I bet she did. I have a big imagination. I'm not labeled through my clothing. I look like i couldn't possibly be labled. I thnk i look like a person. I like taking pictures alot. I don't think I'm really good at it but I think that if i decided to take a class next year I could become great with it. I have like, 800 picture on my photobucket and i'm not even exaggerating. It's like, impossible to exceed the bandwidth on photobucket. When you know me for a long time, you may start to think I hate you or don't like you very much. You're probably right. It looks like I worked way too hard on my myspace, for what it's worth. But i spend like, twenty minutes on this about me so far. Haha as you can see i usually just ramble about random, pointless things. I'm hard to have a steady conversation with. ANIPRON!!!